Feeling Sick . . . and no TP

Monday, August 2, 2004

Well I only have 12 minutes to write do I’ll be brief. Yesterday I rested almost the entire day with Elder Sangco. We both have an LBM problem and mine was especially bad yesterday. I could hardly walk around and felt a little bit dizzy. Today was better but I’m still not feeling perfectly good. I’m also hesitant to use the CR because walang toilet paper doon[1] and I don’t know the Filipino way[2]. I guess I’ll have to learn. Yuck :(.

Elder Sangco Drinking something

Elder Sangco Drinking something

We had district meeting this morning and that was good. Sister Bautista taught about becoming perfected. It was really a good lesson. After district meeting we had to eat out because we don’t have any gasul for our stove. It was really expensive which was hard because I’m now down to ₱80 which isn’t even $2 American. Hopefully I’ll get my bank card bukas and I’ll have money again.

Tonight we had a long, good, visit with D. and J.. They were committed for baptism but didn’t make their goal date. We revisited the 2nd discussion and re-committed them. They are great but they have no marriage license and have been living together for a while. They have 2 children. They want to be legally married but D. doesn’t have a job and can’t pay for the certificate. I hope things will work out.

[1] Walang toilet paper doon: there is no toilet paper there.

[2] Obviously the Filipino way doesn’t involve toilet paper… They just used water. We actually had a mission rule that we were supposed to buy and use toilet paper but I didn’t know that at this point.

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