Mission President Interviews

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Well this morning we had to get up early because we had interviews with Pres. Beck at 7:30 way over at the MIR. It takes almost, well more than, an hour to get there and so we left at 6:30. Luckily, I guess, He didn’t arrive until almost 8:00. Interviews were good. The APs were happy with our work on the area book and encouraged us to step it up even more. I’m really trying hard to keep it updated. I’m really impressed with the APs. They’re really friendly but they still get the job done and done right. I hope that I can learn to lead more like that, with love and correction instead of just correctness.

I also had a good long talk with Sister Beck about my family and a bit about Homeschooling etc. She asked me who my companion was in the MTC and I told her Elder Lewis. She asked me to write him a note so I did. I hope he doesn’t have hard feelings toward me because I certainly don’t have any towards him.

My interview with President was good but not exceptionally eventful. He asked if I had a temple recommend and if I was worthy of it and how my companion is etc. It was good. I really love President Beck even though I don’t really know him that well yet.

After a 2 hour pahinga[1], we went out again. We wanted to visit with J. but she wasn’t there so we left. We then decided to go and look for a police officer who we OYMed yesterday. We didn’t find him but we did get to teach a new man named Yuri. He was sort of receptive but didn’t really believe in prophets. He’s moving back to the province soon so we won’t get to follow up with him. After that we “tracted” it was utterly worthless. Now I know why other methods are more effective. We were followed by a ton of little kids who wanted “magic.” Lights out na.


[1] Pahinga: rest

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