Self reliance

Thursday, October 7, 2004

We usually have follow-ups with the sisters on Thursday but today we just called them on the phone to do follow-ups. It was a lot more effective use of time. We left this morning at about 9:30 and went to an appointment down on 4th Ave Cubao. The family that we’re supposed to teach wasn’t there except for the sister who was leaving right then to take her son to school. We met some men who were selling shorts and I bought 2 pairs and Elder Tipton bought one. I was never really much of a shorts kind of person before but now long pants are just way too hot especially for working. They’re fairly nice shorts and hopefully they’ll last my mission.

Tonight, before our weekly dinner appointment with Sister Gonzales, we went by Nanay Jose Galzote. We presented to her our plan that she can escape from the control of the nuns. Bro Mendoza offered to them that they could help him and his jeep and he would pay them every day. They would actually end up getting more money, a lot more actually, than they’re now getting from the nuns. Hopefully when we take her kids to meet with Bro Mendoza, they’ll be excited to work for him and learn how to be self-reliant.

We also went and got our white shirts from the cleaner today. We gave them to the cleaner because they weren’t really clean and were getting more and more dirty every day. I really thought that they’d come out clean, but they are still dirty and the stains haven’t come out. I was fairly upset with them first because the first time that we went they weren’t back from wherever they were sent. Then they didn’t have change for P500. That’s like in the states $10. It’s crazy here.

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