The Law of Chastity

Friday, October 8, 2004

You could call today “law of chastity day” if you wanted to. We found out today that Bro A. has a problem with the law of chastity but what really is awful about it is that his problem is sister N, who is an endowed member of the church. Sister Tess told us earlier today and I could tell that she’d been thinking a lot about it lately. I’m glad she told us but I feel awful for Sis N.Those covenants are not lightly broken. She’ll probably end up being subject to a church court. I feel bad for her. Tonight we had another brother that’s been endowed living with a lady that we’re teaching. He really feels bad but she doesn’t get it. She wants to join the church for him but she just figures that all she needs to do is listen to all of the discussions but not really gain a testimony. Again I feel bad for brother for breaking such heavy covenants. Today overall has just been a really spiritually and emotionally draining day.

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