The temple and branch training

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

I got to go to the temple again today. Of course it was awesome and I loved it. I could really just spend all day every day there and not get tired of it. After our session, at 7:00, I went over to the PBO for training for branch records. Only Elder Glassie and I were there from my batch. Elder Fairbanks actually was there too but he just sat in. I have to admit that I feel a little pride at being one of two from our batch to get trained. I know that’s really stupid because they’ll all get this chance sometime. I still have this “anti-Elder F.” complex that I feel threatened by him or something. Anyways, the training was really fast and I’m not sure how much it helped. Most of it was just like the old duh theorems in calculus in high school. After the training, I visited with some of the other Elders and then I went to see if my backpack was done. I guess the thy lost the order or something because it wasn’t there. I ordered another and told him that he needed to have it at the office by Tuesday so that I get it before transfers. Especially if I go out to an island I won’t be back for a while. We also went to Chilis today. It was fun because a lot of the elders were there and the food was good. It, the food, actually hit me like a brick because I haven’t eateh real heavy meat for a long time. Oh well, it tasted good.

We had a good follow up with Bro A. today about the fourth discussion. We answered a lot of questions and I think that he has a better understanding now. We also followed up with him on his coffee drinking. He says that he hasn’t drunk for about one week now. Wow were we excited for him. I think we’ll end up moving his baptismal day up to Oct 30. I really hope that he continues. I feel bad that I won’t get to see it. He really is a great person.

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