“One of the most powerful”

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I am feeling realy tired today. I guess you could say that there were two highlights to today. Both were lessons we taught. First with Bro Aldana. As we were walking along the pilapil[1] to his house today, I thought to myself that we really need to start teaching his children. Well when we went in, all of his children were there. We were going to teach them all but the two boys decided to do haircuts instead. We ended up teaching his second oldest, a daughter who is about 23 years old. It was an excellent discussion. At the end Brother bore his testimony and it was very, very powerful.  He spoke about reading and comparing the teachings to the Bible. HE also told us about his prayer and being answered by a scripture in 1 Corinthians 14 that talks about teaching from people with a different language. He said that when he read that verse he thought of us and the spirit testified to him that the message is true. He was almost crying by the end and his daughter was amazed. The spirit that was there was one of the most powerful that I have felt in my whole life. I think it is such a great blessing to have been led to him on that day. Everything now is falling into place. All of his children are there now and his wife will be coming back from working abroad for 15 years just in time for his baptism. If that family could all be baptized it would just be a wonderful thing.

[1] A pilapil is the little dam between levels of a rice field.

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