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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Today was another long and interesting day. We had a “Family Home Afternoon” at the Siscar’s house up in Saligsig. They invited us to come up early and eat lunch up with them. We sacrificed out lunch break and ate there. They fed us well but it was definitely one of those missionary food experiences. They cooked goat for us . . . all of the goad. There were three dishes. First: goat meat with a red sauce, very tasty. Second: “kilawing kambing” which is really bitter goat skin cut up into little pieces. Third: “pinapaitan” which was all of the innards of the goad, intestines, liver, heart and other varied and assorted delicacies. Needless to say it was . . . different. After the FHE proper, for dessert, we had “kamoting kahoy” and soup. Kamoting kahoy is like a potato, or tuber, cooked and peeled and then pounded in a hold in a lot with another log until it is sticky and in one lump. Sugar and coconut is also added. It actually tastes really good. We also ate a soft of chicken soup, also really tasty. Anyhow, my stomach was feeling a little bit funny after that!

Me making kamoteng kahoy

Me making kamoteng kahoy

The family home evening went well, Elder Cox and I taught about Jesus Christ. We read from Mosiah 3 and then played a CD while we showed pictures of Jesus. It was good. We also bore testimony. The spirit was really strong and we will probably repeat that lesson several times.

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