Lazy P-Day and a Long Walk

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Today was the laziest preparation day I”ve had yet. We do our shopping and email on Tuesday so there’s really not much to do on Wednesdays. I got some good studies in and read a lot of ensign articles. I also got to do a little bit of clean up at the apartment. It’s actually really clean and there’s not much to do other than upkeep. I swept the floor and did a little bit of organization in our study room. I also had time to sit down and write a good letter to A. I’ve missed the last couple of weeks because of transfers and zone activities and other such things. We also had the great opportunity to eat a whole loaf of banana bread today. It was good.

Today for work we went out an hour early, at four-o-clock, because of the time we used doing email yesterday. We went to the municipal to get a map because we are looking for land to build a chapel. They didn’t have one! Insanity. We also had a plan to watch “Mountain of the Lord” with Pulidos today but once we started setting up the power went off, like always. I guess it was better anyway because Bro was still out gappas-ing and it’s mostly for him to help him get excited about going to the temple. We had to walk back to Calintaan from Dagupan again today! I think that this is the fourth or fifth time that we’ve had to walk it in the one week that I’ve been here. It was okay though because we had a good half-moon and it was actually quite bright.

This is a map of the route we’d walk from Dagupan to Calintaan. I got very familiar with this road!

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