Introducing Elder Tipton

Saturday, September 4, 2004

This morning we had a good 2nd discussion with Bro Winnie Ramos. Elder Tipton has a great visual aid of a stair case with the steps being the first principles and ordinance of the gospel. It’s really good and really draws the people into the discussion because they have something to look at. Bro. Ramos understood well and we set a date for October 16. He’s really read a lot and is really strong. I think that he really has good potential. The only obstacle that he has is that he works on Sunday and it may be difficult for him to come to church.

After our discussion, we went to visit Juris to let Elder Tipton meet her. She was happy like always and was happy to meet him. We went back to the apartment at about 12:30 and had lunch. This morning before we left we got a call from the sisters and they told us that we needed to come to the Sta Mesa chapel tonight in order to re-interview the brother that they had scheduled for baptism today. Elder Sangco had already interviewed him but didn’t sign the paper.

After the interview tonight we went to an appointment that we thought we knew we had. They weren’t there. It was hard because we talked to them earlier about the appointment but they weren’t there even though they were excited. We also visited Nanay Jose. She’s really really close to being reactivated in the church. She said that she’d some to church tomorrow with her sister-in-law. I hope she’ll not lose faith.

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