Forgot about service project so just went proselyting

Friday, September 3, 2004

We didn’t have service today because after transfers we were each responsible to get our own service. I didn’t know that so I didn’t have anything prepared. We just went out and did proselyting this morning. It was really good. We were trying to fix the baptismal record for Sis Niña. She’s in San Juan ward but the Elders that baptized her never turned in the records. We’re really making an effort to be really good in our record keeping so that our work won’t get lost when we move.

We worked this afternoon also in San Juan area. We had a good first discussion with Bro Boni in San Perpecto Brgy. He’s read a lot in the scriptures and knows more about the doctrine of the church than most members. He has a lot of questions though so it’s kind of hard to visit him. We also had a follow-up/review discussion with Bro Honey. He was good and showed good potential.

We noticed at the church the last few days that the neighbor kids don’t really respect the church building. They all, the nanays, hang their clothes on the fence and all the neighborhood kids play ball all the time. Also the outer wall is all graffitied we’re going to report to the PBO next week.

The San Juan and Greenhills Chapel

The San Juan and Greenhills Chapel

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