Got the maps

Monday, October 25, 2004

Today was a fairly ineffective day. We did manage to get the municipal to give us the maps of Calintaan so that we can copy it. We’ve gone in about five times and never been successful until today. We also tried to follow up on getting the birth certificate for Sis. Manzo but the lady that we talked to just decided that she didn’t want to come into work today and so we didn’t get to follow up with that. This afternoon we were supposed to watch “The Mountain of the Lord” with Pulidos and others today but it didn’t work out. We couldn’t get a VCD player to work. We had one that would read the disk but wouldn’t show a picture and another one that couldn’t read the disk but did show a picture. It was more than a little bit frustrating. We did get to have a good family home evening with the Pulidos, Tardios, Bro Romell and Sis Villoria.

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