Unpredictable church meetings and piano

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Today was another crazy and unpredictable day out here in Calintaan. First we had church this morning. I taught the lesson in Priesthood meeting about sacrament and sacrament meeting. Then Elder Cox taught in Sunday school about the gathering of Israel. Then there was sacrament meeting . . . I played the piano and Elder Cox passed the sacrament. It got even better. The only speakers that we had were two youth speakers and then Pres. Isla. Of course the youth speakers didn’t talk for very long and Pres. was left with about 30 minutes to speak. This would have been okay except that he hadn’t prepared anything. He just shared one of the scriptures that I used in my lesson and then rambled for about ten minutes. He then just stopped speaking was going to let everybody out early. Elder Cox had to get up and speak off the top of his head. Basically it was just a missionary show today. Wow, we have a lot of work to do here. After church we went out to Conception to visit the referral that we have out there. We had a good discussion and felt the spirit with them. It was good. One more thing that happened in sacrament that made me feel bad. Lennie Tardio wanted to play the piano for two of the songs. Of course I let her. She’s only been playing for two months and really she’s quite good. The first song she did really well but when we sang “Come, Come Ye Saints” for the intermediate hymn she really had trouble. The congregation rushed like crazy and she couldn’t keep up. I felt so bad for her. She practices so hard but she gets nervous when she plays in front of people. She has great desires to learn and she really does well but she sometimes lacks confidence.

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