Tuesday, October 26, 2004

We spent all day today down in San Jose because we’re having a zone activity tomorrow morning. This morning right after we got up, Eva Tardio came by the house and told us that they had taken Nanay Tardio to the hospital because her blood pressure was low. I didn’t know but she is pregnant and they were afraid that she’d have a miscarriage. We actually went and visited her after we finished district meeting today. She didn’t look very good and they had her on a sugar IV. She told us that the baby was still there but there was still a chance of losing the baby. We gave her a blessing and Elder Cox was the voice. It was kind of strange because this morning we thought and felt that the baby was going to die for sure but as we were giving the blessing we really didn’t feel either way. We just gave her a blessing of comfort and then left. It was a neat experience.

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