“Fried Chicken”

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Well sadly we didn’t have any discussions today. We spend a good part of the day just doing OYM’s so I am getting better at that. This morning we went to visit brother D. He is one of our committeds, or at least was committed, for baptism. We talked to him for a while. His concern is that he wants to be baptized but he doesn’t know how to explain to his parents about it. It’s really hard for him. Also he is living with J and they have a child but they have no official marriage document and they can’t be baptized until after they get that document. It was interesting and sad to see where he lives. His entire bahay[1] is about the size of a small bathroom in the states. It’s crazy how close together these people all live.

Well today I tried to cook fried chicken. It was cooking good but when I tried to eat it it was just charcoal outside and red sa loob.[2] It was bad. I ate what I could and then tried to fry some potatoes. That was even worse. I filled the whole room with smoke. Grabe Talaga![3] I finally just boiled them and then they were good. I’ve got to learn how to cook with no oven!

I have maraming mga[4] bites all over me. I guess my blood just tastes especially good or something. Well I’m tired na so pumupunta ako sa aking kama![5] Magandang gabi po! May magandang tulog ka![6]

[1] bahay: house

[2] sa loob: inside

[3] Grabe Talaga!: (colloquialism) roughly equivalent to “oh man” or “that was really crazy”

[4] maraming mga: many (plural)

[5] Pumupunta ako sa aking kama: literally “I am going to my bed” (Filipinos would never say it this way!)

[6] May magandang tulog ka: literally “you have good sleep” (Filipinos would also never say this this way. I’m just trying so sound smart.)

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