First District Meeting

Monday, July 26, 2004

Well I have to write fast because I don’t have much time tonight. Today this morning we took a long bus ride to district meeting. Elder Sangco is the District Leader so he conducted and taught. He taught about the need for love in the mission and also about opening our mouths. I need to work on OYM (Open Your Mouth) because I’m always too afraid to do it. I need to have faith that the words will come.


Today also we gave a first discussion to three people. At first we were only teaching one tatay[1] but his asawa[2] joined us and then a friend. The original tatay wasn’t really interested and only invited us in because I looked like Harry Potter. The friend was really receptive and I think he may have potential.


By the way, we use “Harry Potter” to do a good building relationship of trust. The little kids love it. I’m wearing my glasses because contacts are too much of a hassle. Well it’s light out na![3] Magandang gabi po![4] 🙂

[1] tatay: father, daddy. We would often use this for brothers that we didn’t remember their name or just when talking about men in general.

[2] asawa: spouse

[3] na: now, also a participle used for joining some adjectives to their associated nouns

[4] magandang gabi po: good evening, good night (with respect). A common greeting after the sun has set or a way to say good bye to someone at night.

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