First P-Day

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Well for my first preparation day here this wasn’t much of a preparation day. I did get the room all swept and a little bit more organized but not nearly as good as I’d like it to be.


The reason it wasn’t much of a preparation day was because we had our fourth discussion with J. today. We taught about the plan of salvation and reviewed with her the Law of Chastity and the word of wisdom. As always she was really accepting. After our discussion we went to the Uni Mart with Nany Jose because she said that she would cook for us if we bought the food. Also we bought our other food for the week. I found good looking ramen like things that I’ll be able to cook better than my little disaster yesterday! I only spent ₱100 on the whole lot which is a little less than 2 American dollars. It’s crazy!


After shopping we went back to the apartment to drop of the pagkain[1] and then we went to do e-mail. That was a really interesting experience because we went of course to a public internet place. There were a ton of little kids playing games there and it was really loud. I got to write to my family and that was good. I only get to read one e-mail each week so it’s hard to communicate with other people. Elder Sangco needed a haircut but we were already late to an appointment to look for a new apartment so we didn’t go. Because of this, I didn’t get to write any letters to people other than my family.


After looking at the apartment for a bit and resolving a man’s concerns we tried to go visit Sis Tess to share an inspirational video with her but she wasn’t home. We went instead to visit Amye. I got my first OYM by myself when I talked to her brother. I felt good about it but after Elder Sangco told me that he OYMed him fifty times and nothing happened. But the Lord works in mysterious ways and perhaps he’ll want to listen someday.


[1] Pagkain: food

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