Elder Sangco’s Birthday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today is Elder Sangco’s birthday. He is twenty-three now. It was nice because the nanay that does our clothes for us bought him a really good cake which we enjoyed. This morning we went to the mission office because the office Elders called last night and said that we needed to come in order to get my bank card. We go there around 11:00 but then they told us that we really didn’t need to be there until 1:30. So we sat around until then but of couse they were late and didn’t arrive until 2:00. Then they just had me, and the rest of the last two batches who were there, fill out the same forms that I had already filled out about three weeks ago. They also needed two forms of ID. Luckly I had brought my driver’s license and a copy of my passport so I had it but most didn’t It was really another example of inefficiency. Another P-day gone with no time to prepare.

Tonight we re-taught Juris a second discussion. She remembered it and we set a date for September 18. She’s going to come on Friday and help us move. I’m really excited for her.

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