Moving to a new apartment

Friday, August 27, 2004

Well today was a fairly hard/worthless day. We changed apartments today and moved to Little Baguio. The new apartment is a ton nicer than the old one and about 3x as big. We were supposed to meet our whole Zone at the statue at 8:00 but of course none of them were there. We were also supposed to have Brother Mendoza’s jeepney to help us move. Well after waiting for a long time, we went back to the apartment to see if he was there. He wasn’t. We then took a jeep to his house and they told us he had left. He was already at our place. When we got back to the apartment, all the Zone was there too. They had all decided that they were hungry and ate almost all of the food that Elder Mathews and I had bought yesterday. They just ate all of it and I’m almost out of money because on top of that we all had to pay ₱150 to Bro Mendoza for the use of his Jeep. I hope I have enough faith that the Lord will bless me. I only have ₱300 to do all that I need to in the next few days including a taxi for transfers

Manila from the top of a members appartment building

Manila from the top of the apartment building where we had Elder Sangco’s party.

.Tonight, once we were done moving, we all went to Sis Chamberlin’s apartment for a “Birthday Party” for Elder Sangco. We were there all night until curfew. It was hard because Elder Sangco’s old companion was on the IM and they just talked. I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this, don’t talk about old companions. Of course you love them but don’t talk about it. Just focus on strengthening your current companionship.

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