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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well today was a really good day. This morning we left at 7:30 because we realized that we had forgotten to give Sis Bautista her book of remembrance yesterday. She left for Hong Kong today and was really excited. She was at the MRC and so we got to eat breakfast there. Yeah free food pa la. Anyway, they told us there that they had a lot of Elders that just got to sit around because their companions were sick. We told them that we could work with one this afternoon.

We went back to the apartment to do our companionship study. We worked on the second discussion because hopefully we’ll get to give one tomorrow. It was okay. I presented and the Tagalog was all there just fine but the needed spirit wasn’t. That’s my weakness in bringing the spirit when I use Tagalog.

At Nanay Josie's house (nanay, Elders Sangco, Catubag, Arnesen, Matthews)

At Nanay Josie’s house (nanay, Elders Sangco, Catubag, Arnesen, Matthews)

We then had a lunch appointment with Nanay Jose. We had chicken curry and it was mapakasarap!After our study, we went to Brgy[1]. Pasedina and taught a really weird first discussion to the Brgy. Capitan. He just wanted to talk about what we could do to help his barangay. We really had to fight to keep on returning to the discussion. We did finally succeed in getting him to accept a Book of Mormon and to read it.

Right after lunch we went back to the MRC to pick up Elder Hale from Georgia. He serves in Bacolod mission but his companion is sick so he just sits. He worked with us for most of the day. He didn’t know Tagalog but is just happened that both of our discussions spoke Bisayan. We had two more first discussions today, one with a Nanay and the other with the Brgy Capitain of Corazon de Jesus.


[1] Brgy = Barangay: A barangay is roughly equivalent to a neighborhood but slightly larger. It is the smallest elected governing body in the Philippines society. The Barangay captain knows basically everybody in the Barangay and can be very helpful when you need to find someone.

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