Doing a lot of talking

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Today was a good day. We got to teach some good lessons and also got to talk to a lot of people. My Tagalog is improving a lot even just over these last two days that I’ve been senior. As the senior I have to do a lot more talking than I did before. I almost think that I’m doing too much talking and not letting Elder Cox do enough of it. I really have to be careful now that I don’t let my pride get out of control. We got to teach two first discussions off of OYM’s which is a rare occurrence out here. We also taught a good lesson to Bro Villadares about church and about the Ten Commandments. Hopefully he’ll come to church this week. We also taught Bro Andales this week. He’s doing well. We set yet another date for him and again hopefully it’ll actually happen this time. The spirit was really strong and he is really improving. Hopefully he’ll be baptized this month of at least before I leave.

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