Trying to work with Members

Friday, January 7, 2005

I really have a lot more to learn about planning and being a senior companion. I had a lot of good things planned for today but some of them just didn’t work out. This morning I taught a piano lesson to Sis Pulido. That went well. She’s really improving and hopefully she’ll still be able to practice when she goes over to Oriental. I think that they have a real ward there and she’ll still be able to practice. We also got an iwas calendar made for Bro Delfino. After lunch we visited the Gregorios to do correlation. They were upset with us for not visiting them for so long. Bro Gregorio told us that it was our responsibility to visit all of the inactives. He’s really off obviously. This change in our hours has really messed him and some of the other members up. I’m still trying to figure out how to help the inactives without hurting our conversion work. The people have all come to expect that the elders will visit all of the members regularly and then when that doesn’t happen they get upset and stop coming to church. Anyway, we ended up visiting Bro Malakad and sharing with him. We also gave Bro Delfino the calendar that we’d made. Bro Viloria told us that he thought that he’d already stopped drinking. Hopefully that’s true.

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