First day as a Senior Companion

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Well today is my first day as a senior companion. I guess it went well. I really was blessed today as we worked in my Tagalog and with remembering what had to be done. My new companion is Elder Cox from Idaho. He’s about my height and quite nice. He is in the batch after me and so he’s really good. I hope that we’ll get along well and have an enjoyable three months together. I emailed this morning and my family is doing fine. Elder Fa’oa and Elder Campbell gave us a ride back to the area in the van and so that was nice because we had air con the whole way. We got to teach another lesson to Bro Aldana today. We’re starting to teach him lessons out of the Gospel Principles book because we’re almost out of lessons to teach him. He’s still happy even though Elder Cox is gone and that he’s still waiting to be baptized. We also got to work with Bro Pulido and Bro Viloria tonight. It really is a blessing to have such strong members. I really am blessed even though this is supposedly a really hard area it is really getting stronger by the day and I’m grateful for it.

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