Baptismal interviews and lots of questions

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Today has been a strange day. We had follow ups this morning over at the MIR. We also had Juris’s interview this morning. It was weird because we told her to meet us at the Pinaglabanan Statue, the problem is that there are about 4 “Pinaglabanans.” She waited at the next one down from where we were. We waited for her for almost half an hour but she didn’t come. We got on a jeep and were going toward the train when I saw her at the stop. I don’t know why I was looking out the back of the Jeep but I was and that’s why I saw her. I guess that she did okay in the interview except that she thought that the correct way of baptism was through pouring water over your head. I have no idea where that idea came from because I thought that she’d really understood all of what we’d taught her. We’ll go back and re-teach her some of the basic doctrine.

In front of the pinaglabanan shrine. The statue in the background is the shrine.

We also had a really long, as in three hour, discussion with Bro. Bony. I don’t know how to help him. He has so many questions and almost all of his questions are “why” questions. I really have trouble working with him because whenever I ask him a question he avoids answering it and goes off into another area. This is especially true when I ask about his feelings. For example, today in our discussion the spirit was really strong at one point. I asked him a simple question, “What are your feelings right now?” He couldn’t answer and totally avoided the question and the next thing I knew we were talking about Mary. We just can’t seem to get him into a position where his thinking mind and feeling heart will connect. He prays all the time, supposedly, but I’m not sure if he’s really read or not. I really want to be able to help him to feel and recognize the spirit.

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