Spirit bears witness of Joseph Smith

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well I didn’t write last night because we got in late because we had a family home evening with one of our retention families. We had our schedule change this week. We now have District Meeting on Tuesday morning instead of Monday mornings. Our Monday mornings we have a 2 hour companionship inventory/planning session. It’s kind of a big change because we’re all used to the old way. We also have new daily schedules.

Today our district meeting was actually a Zone development meeting. Elder Allongo taught about teaching with the spirit and with testimony. He talked about how powerful the story and testimony of Joseph Smith are. He told us that the story of the first vision is the most powerful part of the first discussion and that we ought to strengthen our faith in order to testify with power about the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith

We had one first discussion today. We taught a brother that we had just OYOM’ed. He was really good. When we asked him how we get the commandments from God he answered us that it was through the prophets of course. He really understood well. We also applied what we learned in meeting this morning. As I was bearing testimony about Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, I felt a more powerful spirit than I’ve ever felt before in a discussion. It was awesome. I really hope that I’ll be faithful enough to have the power to always bear powerful testimony of these things. They really are what converts people. If people can have a testimony of Joseph Smith as a Prophet of God and of the Book of Mormon as a modern scripture, then they will be converted. That is where the converting power is located.

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