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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

We’re sleeping in San Jose again tonight because we have another zone activity tomorrow. We came in for District Meeting this morning and rode in the front seat of a Jeepney. It was a really slow jeep but surprisingly enough we didn’t get passed. For our skills lesson today, Elder Cox had us write letters to potential missionaries back at home and encourage them to go on missions. I decided to write to [a friends from my home ward] because of what Mom wrote last week about him, how he’s coming back to church and has shaved and is wearing a shirt. I really think that that would help him a lot if we went on a mission. After district meeting, we ate at P&P’s and I ate a bowl of tomato soup. It was great. We then headed out to Saligsig by Magsikap to teach the Manzos about the plan of salvation. They weren’t there so we weren’t able to teach them. We have their interview on Friday and we really wanted to have their review done before then. Hopefully we’ll teach them at least once more before then. We also had a great follow up with Sergio in Malitiquang. He read the introduction and the testimonies and he wanted to know that the “D at T[1]” was. We explained about the restoration of the priesthood and also about modern day revelation. He said that everything we said sounded right according to his study of the Bible. He gave a really heart-felt, spiritual prayer at the end of the discussion. I think he could be really good. After his follow-up we had to wait for almost 2 hours to catch a bus back to San Jose.

[1] D at T (Doktrina at mga Tipan) = Doctrine and Covenants

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