Meeting our neighborhood “cannibal”

Monday, November 15, 2004

Well, just so you know, Brother Fernando didn’t come to church yesterday. Supposedly he had a headache or sore-eyes or something of that nature. Today we had our two hour long planning session for the week. I really like the new two hour way just because it makes me feel more organized and ready for the week. First thing this morning we went to the Municipial to get a pamphlet about Mount Iglit because we wanted to go and visit next week. Well the Municipial was closed because of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. We were a little nervous because of the mountain that’s full of terrorists outside of the city. We were going to call Elder Bledsoe but we decided not to. We ended up not having any trouble.

Playing the Piano with the Canibal watching!!

Playing the Piano with the Cannibal watching!!

We also had another interesting/scary experience later on. We went to Pulidos for lunch so that we could learn how to make pancit. When we first got there and were standing at the door we noticed that the cannibal was walking up! I was just a little afraid. We figured we’d be okay once we got inside but we were wrong. He followed us in!! We were getting more and more scared! We decided that we needed to get a picture of him and so, because he was sitting in a chair, I started playing the keyboard with him sitting behind me. Then Elder Cox took a picture of me with the cannibal behind. Sort of an interesting day[1].

[1] Now that I look back on this experience years later, I realize that we totally overreacted to this situation. There were rumors in the town that this man had eaten children in the past, but I don’t think he was anything like the cannibals you think of from the movies. It is much more likely that he was just severely mentally handicap and needed our help more than anything. I am ashamed to think now of the way that we treated him then.

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