Vilorias are confirmed

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Church was really good today. The Spirit was strong and all the teachers were there and were prepared. Bro Pulido taught in priesthood about being happy in life and not focusing on the bad things that happen. This is a lesson that especially applicable here because the most common response to the question “How is life?” is that “Life is hard here in the Philippines.” People here are often sad because they think of all the hard times that they have and don’t count their blessings. Sacrament was also good because the Viloria family got confirmed and became members of the church. I’m so happy. I can’t even imagine what it will be like to spend eternity with them. We went to their home this evening and taught them a good, thorough lesson about the temple. They really want to go and they said that they’ll start to save their money now so that they’ll be able to go in a year. If I could just see them at the temple, I would be so happy. I feel so glad for their children who will now be able to grow up in the gospel and become strong members. Most their children won’t even remember when they weren’t members of the church. This missionary thing, with all of its trials and hard time really is worth it when you get to see a family start their progress toward the Celestial Kingdom.

The Viloria Family in front of the church

The Viloria Family in front of the church


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