Taking care of “visa” papers

Monday, December 20, 2004

Today was a big waste of time. We did our weekly planning session and that went well. We really have to step up the work because our people have all been baptized, almost, that were strong investigators and we are really looking weak for investigators now. I don’t want the work to slack off here and start to slide. We also tried to work on getting some records fixed up but all the cabinets, of course, at the church were locked and so we couldn’t get any dates. Anyway, by that time it was time to go into San Jose for our visa papers. This was a horrible waste of time. Almost all of our prime proselyting time was wasted in San Jose. The visa papers also were a joke. They didn’t even bring the right papers for Elder Cox. They brought the ones for my next companion. They just had him sign anyways even though it had the other Elder’s name and information. The pages that we signed were all blank too and some of the things we signed were to say that the forms were filled out correctly. This was just another evidence to me of how worthless the government is here. I just hope that we don’t have our identities stolen or anything because they have all of our info and signatures now and also our finger prints on a bunch of blank papers. What an absolute mess.

The outside of the airport in San Jose. We drove this way on the way in to San Jose every time.

The outside of the airport in San Jose. We drove this way on the way in to San Jose every time.

The Gregorio's CR, yeah that's me

We did get to teach Bro Aldana about the law of chastity and we got his interview set up for this Friday. He’s really making good progress.

I also called home today to do my setup call for Christmas. It was good, but I was kind of unfocused for a while. I’m excited to talk to them on Christmas Day.

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