Trying not to argue and hard work

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

We had a really interesting discussion this morning. We taught and he told us that he had a question that he would ask us after the discussion. We were immediately on our guard to make sure we didn’t start to argue with him. The discussion went okay but he couldn’t really wait until the end to ask. He’s a seventh day Adventist and he wanted us to try to disprove his church. He has this verse in the bible that said that wicket people, who eat pork, will be burned. He was concerned because the whole burning thing wasn’t happening. We told him that we wouldn’t argue with him and that he should ask of God for the answer. He didn’t really like that answer but that’s all we would give him. We’re always really busy now and I like it. We’re actually seeing the result of hard work paying off. I really like this way of doing things.

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