Interesting Phone Calls (Thursday, May 27, 2004)

Today we got trained on the computers in the referral center. We learned how to take calls from people that see our commercials or get pass-along cards. During our self-directed time, Elder Lewis and I went back and worked for about an hour. There was a man calling in a lot that was crazy and we were told not to answer his calls. It was kind of sad. The first call that I actually got to take was from a lady in California. I got all her information and then asked her why she had called for a bible. She didn’t really know a lot about religion so I started giving her the first outline. About half way through she interrupted me and asked if I thought it was wrong to have sex before marriage. I kindly told her that I did and then out of the blue she told me that she was a prostitute! I got a really bad feeling and tried to hang up nicely but she kept on telling me about what she did. I finally just had to hang up and get rid of her. It was really scary. Anyway, the rest of the calls were good and I got to share my testimony.

The church puts out some awesome videos! They’ve gotten even better in the 10 years since my mission but here’s on that was new at the time!

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