Spirit-filled Phone Calls (Saturday, May 29, 2004)

Wow! I’m literally on fire with the spirit! I spent a long time in the referral center today. For about two hours I did outbound calls and got to send the missionaries to about five people. As I was finishing up I decided to take one inbound call. I switched to inbound and almost immediately a lady called in for a Book of Mormon. Her name was Alisha ________, and she was from Rochester, New York. She was just calling because she was curious about the Book of Mormon. I asked her a few questions after I had her address and everything and found out that she knew about Christ. I just started talking to her about how Christ is the Son of God and about how much God loves us. I talked for about twenty minutes with her and told her all about the pattern of apostasy and restoration and about how after Jesus Christ died the authority that was needed was taken from the earth. I also talked about how the reformers changed the church and tried to change it to be more correct. I then shared with her the Joseph Smith story and about the Book of Mormon. The spirit was there so powerfully. I never thought that you could feel the spirit so powerfully over a phone. I honestly can’t remember all that I talked about but I could really feel the spirit guiding me as to what to say. When I finished talking I asked her if she had any questions. She said she didn’t and that she felt that what I had said was right. I then asked her if she would commit to read the Introduction, 3 Nephi 11, and Moroni 10:4-5 in The Book of Mormon. She said she would. She asked me if I could send the Book of Mormon fast and then send the missionaries to her. I did! She is ready.


I’m so grateful that I’ve prepared myself to be a fit tool in the hands of the Lord. This experience really strengthened my testimony and let me know that I am able to do this. I hope so much that Alisha will accept the gospel and join the Church. I truly know now how it is to love the people we teach. Even though I only talked to her for twenty minutes, I really love her and hope for her best.

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