The Library of God should be even thicker!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today was a really slow P-day. Elder Nemes is in Makati for the Zone Leader’s Conference and so I’m here in my area with Elder Adaza from San Gabriel Zone. We didn’t have anything to do except show and email. As a result, I got to write some quality letters to my missionary friends. We got to teach a lesson tonight to Allan. He is a neighbor of the Bahia family and so we taught him in their home. He is kind of rough on the outside but is actually really smart.

Planning at Night

Planning at Night

We had an interesting experience last week. We finally decided we’d go door to door in the subdivision. It is hard tracting but the potential for a good find is better because the people are educated and know how to think. Well as we were about to stop that night, because it was getting dark, we talked to one last house. We found Bro Peter Lombendencio. He is super smart, very open minded, and almost it seems he’s too good to be true. He asks all the right questions and is exceptionally fast on pick up. We gave him a Book of Mormon and when we went back the other day to follow up and teach a second lesson he had read a ton. He opened straight up to 2 Nephi 2 and asked all the questions that we were going to answer anyways. We also showed him D&C and PoGP and he immediately accepted it. He told us that if a set of encyclopedias, which only contain worldly knowledge, was that think than the library of God should be even thicker. It just seems like he already knows and is just messing with us.

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