Kicking off the zone goal

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Today was a really long day. We got up at 4:30 this morning because we had to go to Silang and to the Dasma Ward and deliver the banners and the fliers for their talks. We went to Silang first, about a half-an-hour trip one way, and that went fine. Then we went back to the Dasma wards but when we got there we realized that we had left all the handouts in Silang! We had to go back to the house, luckily we had some copies still there, and then to back to Dasma and deliver them. It took all morning until 10:00 and then we had an appointment. We were also happy with the way the speaking in sacrament went today. We introduced the zone goal and the poster and also gave out the “Bring Your Friend” handouts. They were received well—I think.

We had another correlation meeting with Pres. Miem today. He is really excited about the goal and is going to make a huge edition of the banner and he also wants to hold a giant stake fireside as a giant kickoff for the goal. He and our bishop, Bishop Banayat, are so supportive! If all leaders were like them, missionary work would really change and become a lot stronger.

The other piece of good news is that the wedding of the Caindoy family will be much easier than we expected. All we have to do is have them get the affidavit of cohabitation signed and then the marriage can happen. No birth certificate or anything. That means that if brother can stay strong in not smoking they can probably be baptized in September.

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