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Saturday, February 26, 2005

I guess today was a good day. We got to teach a couple of lessons and do some finding. I don’t know if I don’t feel satisfied because we didn’t do enough work or just because I have my expectations too high. We are still having trouble getting out on time and I’ve become a little lax on it. I don’t like having to tell Elder Cox about it because I always feel that he is upset at me for correcting him. I try to lead by when I make a decision I often feel resentment for it but when I try to ask his opinion I often just get the “why do you always ask?” response from him. I guess I just haven’t figured out how to lead in a loving enough manner yet.

Me and Elder Cox having dinner in our apartment

Me and Elder Cox having dinner in our apartment.

We made "adobong sitaw" (green bean adobo). It over cooked ( a lot) and was super salty but we ate it anyway.

We made “adobong sitaw” (green bean adobo). It over cooked ( a lot) and was super salty but we ate it anyway.

Today we got to have a good discussion about the Plan of Salvation with Lourdes Aldana. It was good even though we just reviewed it with Brother yesterday. She had a lot of questions. Some about the spirit world and others about work for the dead. We ended up teaching her about temples and sealing. It was a good lesson even though it went over an hour.

We had kind of a scary experience at the Pulido’s house today. We were just visiting with Sister when in walked our cannibal friend. He sat down and started talking gibberish; some English, some Tagalog, Ilocono, and “French.” He took out his shirt and there was something round tied up in it. Elder Cox and I were sure that it was going to be flesh of something and so we braced for the worst. It took five minutes for him to get all of the twine off his shirt to get into the ball and then inside farther he had a tightly wrapped plastic. When he finally pulled it out it turned out to just be money to the amount of about p300. So much for being scared.

The Andales children

The Andales children

Tonight we tried to go by Bro. Andales because this was our schedule with him. He was still gone to the mountains. I really, really hope that he will be able to come to church tomorrow. If he doesn’t come we have to start the count over and that will push his baptism until after I leave the island. I’ve been at that man’s house almost every night since I got here and I really, really want to see him be baptized.

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