Someone(thing) tries to break in

Friday, November 5, 2004

Last night was a really interesting night. We didn’t have any power and that was one part of it. Also we had a rather scary experience last night. We went to bed early because there was no power and I didn’t want the light to run out if there was an extended brown out. We were in bed about 9:00  and having trouble sleeping because of the heat when it happened. All of a sudden there was noise at the front door. It was somebody trying to break in I’m sure. It was really scary. I was afraid that the person would be armed or something. Anyhow we lit a light and he left, or at least stopped making noise. After we blew out the candle after 20 minutes he was back and just as loud and scary as before. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. It was really scary

Anyway, the power didn’t come back on until about 11:00 this morning and so we had to buy water at the tubigan[1] in order to drink. This morning for service we worked in Pres Isla’s field. It wasn’t really hard work but I still got three big blisters on my right thumb. I really wanted to get effective conversion hours in for service but it didn’t happen. We finally got to teach the Viloria family about family prayer and scripture study. It went really well. Elder Pradilla is really good and I liked teaching with him.

[1] tubigan: water shop. Tubig = water and –an is place of.

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