A visit from President and Sister Beck

Sunday, November 7, 2004

President and Sister Beck along with two APs came to church today with us here in Calintaan. It was a good meeting even if we did have some problems. Bro Oreta taught Priesthood. He did a good job but still just read out of the book. President Beck told us that we should have a teacher improvement training at least once a month. The people, he said need 20% doctrine and 80% practice. He told us this also because we had a baby blessing. They had no idea about how to do it. President Isla was going to have him confirmed a member of the church! President Beck had to step in and help them know how do to it correctly. Sunday school was good. Sis. Maricar Sescar taught and she did an excellent job. She used the blackboard and interacted well with people by asking questions and so forth. She’s a really strong member and is the reason that most of the people from Magsikap have been baptized. Today also was fast and testimony meeting. Both of the assistants, Elder David and Moe, sat up at the “stand” and so I got to translate for Sis Beck. It was interesting but I think I did an ok job. After Sacrament the Becks came and inspected our apartment. We got an A+ on our inspection and so we were happy. I gained a greater love for Pres and Sis Beck today. Having them in church was kind of like being back in church with my parents again.

We had a good day of work today. We got to teach three lessons. Two of them were first which is probably my favorite. We taught one of Sis Pulido’s brothers one and it was a good discussion. On a sort of strange side note, we actually “taught” to our friendly neighborhood cannibal. When we were teaching at Pulido’s home, he just wandered up and stood in the door mumbling strange things. It was hard for me to not just burst out laughing. I kind of feel bad for the man.

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