Learning comes from the spirit and I run into a wire

Monday, October 4, 2004

Well we actually implemented the new schedule today. We didn’t leave the house until 10:30 and we came back in at 9:00 tonight. We also took an hour break for lunch. It seemed like we really didn’t have much time to work at all. I just have faith that if we follow the rules that we’ve been given that we’ll be blessed with good work.

This morning our only appointment was with Bro R. He’s really started studying the scriptures and today he started out the discussion with a prayer and then asked us about when the Sabbath day really is. Well we discovered, again, that the bible doesn’t have all the answers. I didn’t think that it says anywhere in scripture what day, specifically, that we should go to church. We just have to realize that the established pattern is that the Christian world goes to church on Sunday. If the prophet told us that we should change and make Wednesday, for example, our Sabbath, we’d obey and change it. I also realized again how important a testimony is. If people simply realize that the Book of Mormon was true they wouldn’t have trouble accepting that the rest of the patterns and doctrine of the church. We challenged brother again to just focus on the Book of Mormon and to put away doubts from his mind and ask God if the book is true. He gave the closing prayer and I personally, and I think Elder Tipton as well, felt the spirit really strongly. We were disappointed thought because when we asked him how he felt after the prayer he said that he just felt normal. I really hope that he’ll open his mind and try to feel the Holy Ghost.

I had a sort of embarrassing experience today. We were coming out of an esquenita[1] and of course I’m too tall for everything here. Anyway, I walked right into a string/rope that was holding up a tarp. I really hit it hard with my eye! It was pretty sad but I really didn’t see it coming.

[1] I have no idea if I spelled that right. We called the very small alleys between buildings esquenitas. They were literally only 2 feet wide and always had things hanging across them. I started walking with my hand in front of my face when we went through them after this experience.

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