Joy for people at church

Sunday, October 3, 2004

Today was another long day at church. This morning we had a great surprise at the San Juan Ward. One family, the Delos Santos family, came to church. They have been inactive for some time now and we actually visited them twice last week. Elder Tipton was really makulit with them. I actually didn’t expect them to come. I was so happy when I saw them! It’s amazing how I’ve changed. Before I couldn’t have cared less if people were inactive but not I’m filled with joy because one couple came back to church for one week. We didn’t even really say very much to them but I guess that they felt our love and wanted to come back to church.

I’ve been marveling at how fast time goes sometimes. It seems like I”ve been with Elder Tipton for hardly any time at all. With Elder Sangco the six weeks of the transfer seemed really long but now here I am again, close to the transfer and it seems it’s been no time at all. Elder Tipton showed me a scripture earlier that says that the Spirit of God quickeneth all things. We were thinking that one of the reasons that mission time goes so fast. We have the spirit with us and so the time goes faster.

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