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Thursday, July 8, 2004

Elder Lewis and Elder Cox

Elder Lewis and Elder Cox

Yesterday was our preparation day. It was really long because we didn’t get to go to the temple because it is closed. I ended up getting about six letters written because we had so much time. Also yesterday Elder Cox, Elder Lewis, and myself talked for a long time about what we should do to increase the commitment level in the district. Elder Cox prayed about it for a long time on Tuesday night and he was impressed that we should have a talk in our class time last night. We went over what we wanted to bring up and how we wanted to go about it. The meeting was very successful I think. Everybody realized that we had a problem and that things needed to change. Things were a lot better last night regarding quiet time and lights out. We still have some work to do with a few people in other districts but it is getting a lot better.

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