Getting stopped by the military (or someone)

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

We had district meeting again this morning. It was good and I learned a lot. The only problem is that today we did month end stats and so it took forever. Also, the other elders didn’t want to eat at Mackeys and so we went to P&P’s which took, again, forever. We also did our email today. It was strange because there was no letter this week from my family. I have faith that they are alright but I’m still a little worried about them. Hopefully all that happened was that the computer broke or something. I still wrote them a good long letter. Also the computer shop finally finished burning my CD so hopefully I’ll get to send a package next week for their really late Christmas package.

On the way home from San Jose, we got stopped by the army at a roadblock. I guess they were looking for somebody maybe. They had to pay them money before we left and so I’m not sure what the purpose was. This country is really just corrupt.

Our work tonight consisted of taking down the Bible display and doing a family home evening with the Andales family. The FHE went well. We shared a lesson to the Andales children about Joseph Smith. It went well. We also found out that they have 5 of their 7 children who are not yet baptized. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach them and they can all be baptized on the same day as their father. That will be our long term goal.

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