A long-short P-Day

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Today was a really lazy P-day. It is strange, but ever since Elder Cox and I have been together all of our P-days have been spent at the apartment. I did get to take a good nap that really gave me a recharge from all the sleep that I lost last week due to Bible Week. I also got to write to Grandma Arnesen and Aunt Kathy today. I’m trying to get a package ready to send home and so I’m trying also to get quite a few letters to go with it. Work wise today was kind of weak. We went out to Cansaliw first off to teach President Isla’s sister. Well, she was busy so we set a return appointment for Friday and headed back out to Dagupan. We had a lot of appointments set up there but they all fell through because people weren’t home. Finally we came back to Calintaan and were all ready and excited to teach a second lesson to AJMar Manalo. As it turned out, he was out watching a video somewhere and we couldn’t find him. The long and short of today was that it was short—short on time and short on people to teach.

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