Fixing records and the Sabbath day

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Today wasn’t a normal P-Day. We decided to take our P-day on Friday because we’ll be in San Jose for Christmas. This morning we did a lot of work for the branch. We spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon at the church getting the CMIS all fixed up so that Elder Cox can take it with him when he goes back to Manila. There are some really messed up records in this country. We had kids married to brothers and parents as kids of their children and all sorts of other crazy problems. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it straightened up and start to get the records all fixed up here. We finished with that work at about 3:00 and went back to conversion work. We tried to do some finding work in Dagupan but all the people were out in the fields of drunk so we didn’t have much luck. We did get to teach a lesson about the Sabbath day to Moreno Delfino. He used to be a 7th Day Adventist so this was an important lesson for him. We tried again to get him to commit to baptism but he’s still thinking about it. This is good because I’ve noticed in him that if he says that he’ll do something than he does it. We asked him to pray about it. Hopefully before Sunday he’ll have decided what he wants to do. Tonight we watched the testimonies of the Apostles video with Edward Alamon and his wife. It went well. Edward is a member but he is inactive for some reason. His wife is Methodist now but she’s ready to be converted. Edward is really afraid to share the gospel with her for some reason as well. He just needs to get up the guts to come back to church and help his wife to learn about the church.

I got this awesome card from one of our ward missionaries, Lennie Tardio. She and her sister were the best ward missionaries you could ask for and her family is awesome.

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