Fireside During the Mission President’s Seminar (Wednesday, June 23, 2004)

Today has been a very full day. We had a special devotional this morning. Pres. Faust spoke to us. It was really a neat experience. How often do you get to be in a room with a member of the first presidency and 2000 missionaries? It was really a powerful experience. Pres. Faust talked about Joseph Smith and his mission. It was a really good talk.

James E Faust

During the afternoon we had SD[1] time. I worked on my 4th outline for a while and then started translating my second outline into Tagalog.


After dinner Elder Lewis and I had our AP meeting. It also was good. We talked about prophets and apostles. Pres. Gifford[2] teaches and he is absolutely amazing. I always learn so much from him about the gospel. After the AP meeting we had our normal Tuesday devotional. We got to hear Elder Nielsen speak. He spoke about the three pillars of the gospel: Creation, the Fall, and the Atonement. It also was a really good talk also. I wrote notes in my green book.

[1] Self-Directed Time: We had some time every day when we didn’t have a teacher in the classroom and we were to have about 3 hours of self-directed time that we were supposed to use to work on whatever we most needed. Sometimes this time was very useful but other times it tended to be wasted.

[2] Pres. Gifford was the District president for the branches in our district. This was a church district, somewhat equivalent to a stake, and not a mission district.

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