Don’t You Go Home (Monday, June 7, 2004)

Today was an incredibly intense spiritual day. Elder C., this morning, had his bags all packed and was dead set on going home. As soon as I was told I really didn’t know what to do. He is a great Elder and could be a great servant of the Lord in the Philippines. Of course we had to go to class first thing after breakfast and the first thing that we did was have Book of Mormon study time. During this time Elder Lewis and I went out and talked to Bro. Severson about what was happening. We were all very concerned and ended up not getting much studying done. I had bought a card for him at the bookstore and during this time I wrote in it about how much he is important to me and how much the Lord really loves him.


When our little study time was over we all went back to class. Everybody in the district was really concerned and didn’t know what to do about it. We started class by sharing what we had studied. The Elders all had very insightful things to say and the spirit was there as they shared. As we finished reading and sharing scriptures, it kind of slowed down because again none of us really knew what to do next.


As we sat there in silence, Elder Orme stood up and suggested that we all just go around the circle and bear our testimonies. We did so and he started. As we progressed around the circle the spirit got stronger and stronger. Elder C. was right before me and he stood up and basically he said that he was done and that he was going home we all really felt that he was serious and he really was. I stood up and was inspired to share the story about Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail. When I read the scripture about peace and affliction I was completely overcome by the spirit. I’ve only felt the spirit like that one other time in my life and that was at my patriarchal blessing. It was an incredible experience. The whole morning was spent in testimonies and it was great.

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