Baptismal Interview

Friday, November 19, 2004

We had the baptismal interview for the Manzos today and it went well. They’ll be baptized on the 27th. I’m happy for them but I really hope that they understand how big this covenant really is. While Elder Bledsoe was interviewing them, I had a good fun chat with Elder Cox and Elder Pack. I actually found out that Elder Pack went to Boys Nation the year before I did and so we were swapping stories. We had a good follow-up/lesson with Brother Sergio Aldana who lives down in Malitiquang. He wanted to know what was bawal to eat and so we taught him about the word of wisdom. We actually read all of D&C 89 and so that was good. He’s really going at his scripture reading and it’s great. I think he has some really good potential.

Hiking back down from Magsikap.

Hiking back down from Magsikap.

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