A letdown

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Today has been a really long day. We had a lot of appointments but all or our “solid” appointments fell through. Bro W. R. who is one of our strongest investigators, was drinking when we went to him this morning at 10:00. We were walking up and I saw the beer and I just thought that I sure hope that’s not Bro R’s drink. Well it was. He said that he’s going to come to church tomorrow so I really hope that that actually happens. Hopefully if he comes tomorrow, we’ll teach him a fourth discussion and commit him to follow the law of the Word of Wisdom. We had a surprise today at lunch. We actually had time to have a lunch today and it was really nice. Well the interesting thing is that we got a call from the Bishop in San Juan ward today, ten minutes before we were supposed to go back to work. And he said that we will speak tomorrow in sacrament meeting. We’re supposed to speak about “missionary work.” I’m not really sure what I’ll talk about but I think that I’ll talk about how to prepare for a mission both physically and spiritually. Hopefully I’ll do okay because I have to get up early tomorrow in order to prepare.

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