We try to make cookies

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

We had a really relaxing P-day today. We actually tried to make chocolate chip cookies this morning. They worked out ok except for the fact that we had no real chocolate chips and had to use “Star” margarine in place of real butter and real shortening. The batter was pretty bad tasting but the finished product wasn’t all that bad. We took some of them over to Labros, the owner of the big tindahan here, as a Christmas present. We are going to look in San Jose for some better ingredients. We want to make cookies for our members and investigators for Christmas but they need to be really good. I also got to take a nap today and write a couple of letters.

Riding to San Jose from Rizal

Riding to San Jose from Rizal

For proselyting today, we taught a first lesson to an old man who can hardly see. It was interesting. We had to talk really slow and really clearly in order to be understood. We also taught Vilorias a little bit more about the temple and also about tithing. They told us that of course they would pay their tithing once they are baptized. Also I’m positive that they’ll make it to San Jose on Friday for the interview. The only concern they had is where they would leave their kids. I think they got that all worked out now so hopefully we’ll see them on Friday.

We also went by Bro Andales but he wasn’t there; probably because there was a marriage down the street. Hopefully he doesn’t drink but we saw him asleep yesterday and his wife told us he was drunk.

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