Watching Daan Pauwi (On the way home)

Friday, November 12, 2004

Today was long. When I woke up this morning I didn’t really feel very rested and I was dreading the rest of the day. Our first appointment this morning was with Sister Pulido. We wanted to teach her a piano lesson but she didn’t have anybody there that we could work with for conversion hours. Hopefully tomorrow morning when we go back she’ll have somebody there so that we can do a piano lesson. Because we didn’t get to teach piano we were out of places to go and so we decided to go tracting. It wasn’t very effective I don’t think. We got into one brother’s house and then discovered that Inglacian and he was in a real big hurry to get us out. We came back in for lunch at about 11:00. For lunch we ate spam and cheese sandwiches. They weren’t the greatest but at least its food. We took a little nap, me only for about 5 minutes, and then I felt better. We went this afternoon out to Magsikap to watch “Daan Pauwi[1]” with the people from the mountains. We had a really good turnout again even though most of the people there were already members. It was good and we felt the spirit. We also went to Malitiquang today. We wanted to teach Sis. Anitas’ husband but he was off drinking and so we didn’t. We were surprised when sister told us that she was planning to go to Pampanga to work. People here are so unreasonable and irrational sometimes. They all think that they’ll make more money somewhere else but they don’t realize that they will have to pay to get wherever they’re going, pay for living there, and pay for coming back. In the long run it’s just as good if not better to just stay where they are and work. They just don’t get it sometimes.

Me on the beach north of Calintaan

Me on the beach north of Calintaan

[1] Daan Pauwi – On the way home

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