Trying to work with members

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Church today was good but we still didn’t have any investigators come besides Albert. We met the new senior couple that is assigned here, Elder and Sister Abraham. They are Filipino and very nice. We had an interesting Sunday school meeting because Bro Wilson, the black man who attends, had a lot of really off the wall questions about gifts of the spirit. He is a good man but doesn’t really know Tagalog and so he can’t really follow the lesson.

After church we asked President Incarnacion, Bro Jo-Jo, Bro. Andy and President Espin, the Branch Leadership, to talk with us. The meeting really helped us to gain a relationship with trust to them. We offered to help and were given some ideas. Hopefully after the leadership knows that we are willing to do anything for them to help with their calling, then they will also be willing to help us and work with us. That is one thing that I really want to get going here in Alfonso, member work. I really believe that that is the key to being successful in missionary work.

We also got to visit a little humble family tonight. The Papa family live out in the forest in a little kubo[1] hut. They were very nice and fed us dinner. We sang also for them before we taught and that really helped. We taught about the restoration and the received it well. Bro Papa really understood the principle of prophets and I have hope that they will read and progress.

[1] Kubo = straw

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