The Sanchez Family

Thursday, April 21, 2005

We got a lot accomplished today. We had an interesting finding experience this morning. When we went to visit our recent convert, Gerber Hernan, we found his Dad sitting on the couch. He lives in another place so we hadn’t met him yet. We started to talk to him about the church and the restoration. When Gerber finished showering, we were going to start and dad said that he would leave and excuse himself. We asked him to stay and he decided that he would. We taught him the message of the restoration and he was really interested. I guess it goes to show that always opening your mouth does pay off in the end.

Sanchez's Kids

Sanchez’s Kids

We also had a really good lesson with Albert and the Sanchez family. They told us that yesterday the owner of the land they live on came by and told them that they have to leave that house. Sister Sanchez said that he was drunk and also that he had a large debt to the Sanchez’s. They said that they could probably work it out but just to ensure that there are no hard feelings they are going to change houses tomorrow. I am really impressed with their example of patience in adversity and of meekness.

Me in the Sanchez's house

Me in the Sanchez’s house

Brother Sanchez

Brother also related to us a story that happened to him before. He never has had any trouble with drinking alcohol but once before he had his standards tested. He was invited by his friends to drink. They had all brought alcohol, of course, and so he went and bought a Royal orange soda. The others started to make fun of him telling him that it wasn’t a “man’s drink.” He told them that he just couldn’t drink alcohol. They tuned violent and poured alcohol all over him. As he tried to leave, one grabbed the collar of his shirt and ripped it in half. He was also beat so much that blood came from ears, nose and mouth. The thing that impressed me about it was that he never turned back in anger but instead he was patient and meek in the hard times. I hope that I can learn from them how to be more humble and also meek. I learn so much from my investigators and absolutely love it.

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